Boca Raton, FL – September 25, 2019 – ARC Software, the affiliate research tool developed by Reatro Ventures, proudly introduced today a brand new affiliate valuation plugin called ARConomics™. This industry first tool uses station performance data along with an affiiated product’s inventory and daypart parameters to automatically update and track a station’s monetary value over an 18 month period.

Jason Bailey, Founder of Reatro Ventures, said, “ARConomics is the biggest leap in Affiliate Relations since the telephone! Now clients can see the real monetary value of a radio station based on the combined station activity and market performance. The team at Reatro really outdid themselves on this one!”

ARC (Affiliate Research Client) allows users the ability to search every radio station in the country, access personnel information, coverage maps, generate/edit and sign digital contracts with affiliates, run barter and cash revenue analysis and keep track of performance and opportunities with a CRM designed specifically for radio. Clients include Sun Broadcast Group, Sun & Fun Media, Key Networks, the Bob & Tom Radio Network, Colbert Media Group, Megatrax and many others.

ARConomics™ is avalible to all ARC users available immediately and can be found in the Affiliated Products section of the software.

To set up a demo, or for more information, contact Ian Steel at or visit

About Reatro Ventures, LLC:

Founded in 2011, Reatro Ventures has focused on underserved media, real estate and technological markets. Reatro’s strategy and philosophy are simple — look to acquire, build or invest in companies that could be owned forever and that exhibit a clear “reason to exist”. Reatro’s roster includes several media and technology companies including Sun Broadcast Group, Media10, Inc., FamClub, LLC and the Greau Creative Agency. Named after founder, Jason Bailey’s children, Reagan and Troy, Reatro Ventures is committed to the people they serve as well as the products they produce. The Reatro Motto: Hold The Vision, Trust The Process.