Boca Raton, FL – February 4, 2021 – Clear Media Network announced today that they have selected ARC, the research software developed by former SBG CEO Jason Bailey, as their Affiliate CRM and Network Automation Tool. ARC provides networks and producers a complete cloud-based platform to research, affiliate, create digital contracts, analyze Nielsen data and more. Clear Media Network’s 24/7 formats are repped by Key Networks who also use the ARC Platform. With the two companies on ARC, data flow including add/drops, barter loads, start and end dates as well as affidavit compliance can now be fully automated.

Gary Spurgeon, COO of Clear Media Network commented, “We are thrilled to be working with Jason and his team at Reatro.  Adding the ARC Program and this valuable asset to our network, will only help us to continue to raise our level of customer service, be more responsive, and streamline our operational processes.” “Providing the best programmed formats is our top priority, and partnering with the Reatro Team will help free-up even more of our time to focus on our products, said Mark McCray, President of Programming and Operations of Clear Media Network. Reatro Ventures founder and CEO, Jason Bailey, added “With the addition of Clear Media Network to the ARC family we can now automate much of the affiliation process between them and their sales network, saving countless manhours on both sides. I’m thrilled to have Gary, Mark and the entire Clear Media team on board and look forward to being, even a small part, of their exciting journey.” To set up a demo or for more information visit About Reatro Ventures, LLC: Founded in 2011, Reatro Ventures has focused on underserved media, real estate, restaurant and technological markets. Reatro’s strategy and philosophy are simple — we look to create companies that help companies. Reatro’s roster includes several media and technology companies including Media10,Inc., FamClub, LLC, PickleJar and the Greau Creative Agency. Named after founder, Jason Bailey’s children, Reagan and Troy, Reatro Ventures is committed to the people they serve as well as the products they produce. The Reatro Motto: Hold The Vision, Trust The Process. About Clear Media Network: Clear Media Network launched their 24/7 Music Network, with an Advanced Delivery System and Full-Local-Control, on September 1, 2020.  They offer an All-In-One Programming and Format Solutions for radio station owners.  They provide programming options for Evenings, Weekends and/or 24/7 operations.  The Network currently offers eleven (11) highly researched formats: Adult Contemporary, Great Country Adult R&B, Hot A/C, CHR, Big Oldies, Classic Hits, Classic Rock Today’s Hot Country, Christmas Music and now Hip Hop.  The company is based in Dallas, TX.  For more information, visit: