Boca Raton, FL – October 9, 2020– Reatro Ventures and its software division, Media10, are proud to welcome two more companies to the ARC platform. Jamchannel, owned by radio legned John Garabedian, syndicates the new Top 40 show Party LiveLine. RFC Media, lead by radio’s Pat Fant, has been successfully growing its SuiteRadio 24/7 brands as well as the newly syndicated Bud and Broadway Show. Both companies will use ARC to research, communicate with and affiliate stations to their shows.

ARC is the creation of former SBG CEO Jason Bailey and has seen tremendous growth in the last year with the addition of companies including vCreative, MRN, Key Networks, Sun Broadcast Group, Local Radio Networks and SparkNet. ARC is a full-service radio research platform providing detailed station and personnel information, revenue analysis, a full CRM and integrated Nielsen data for every radio broadcast signal across America.

John Garabedian, President of Jamchannel commented ““Having all radio station and affiliate info a click away saves time and is a brilliant tool in effective marketing.”

“ARC was a must-have for our Affiliate Sales team to properly evaluate the ad avail component for each of our network affiliates.  SuiteRadio’s 24-hour formats and high-profile shows like Bud and Broadway need the data through ARC to know what’s under the hood at each station we work with.” Pat Fant, COO and Co-founder, SuiteRadio LLC

Luca Marian, Lead Software Developer at ARC commented “Its incredible to see people’s faces when they demo ARC first time and then how quickly they join the platform afterwards. I’m honored to have Jamchannel and RFC Media as part of the ARC family and look forward to seeing the increblie growth of both their products now that they are in the best affiliate software around!”

To set up a demo or for more information visit www.arcsoftware.us.

About Reatro Ventures, LLC:

Founded in 2011, Reatro Ventures has focused on underserved media, real estate and technological markets. Reatro’s strategy and philosophy are simple — look to acquire, build or invest in companies that could be owned forever and that exhibit a clear “reason to exist”. Reatro’s roster includes several media and technology companies including Media10,Inc., FamClub, LLC and the Greau Creative Agency. Named after founder, Jason Bailey’s children, Reagan and Troy, Reatro Ventures is committed to the people they serve as well as the products they produce. The Reatro Motto: Hold The Vision, Trust The Process.