MRN And VCreative Latest To Join ARC Family Two Legendary Companies Join Entravision, Sun & Fun, Key Networks, SBG and More

Boca Raton, FL – August 7, 2020– Reatro Ventures and its software division, Media10, announced today that Motor Racing Network and vCreative have both signed on as users of its ARC software. ARC, created by network radio’s Jay Bailey is a full-service radio research platform providing detailed station and personnel information, revenue analysis, a full CRM and integrated Nielsen data for every radio broadcast signal across America.


“ARC has transformed our day to day business operations with an easy to navigate dashboard that is updated in real-time,” said Chris Schwartz, President, Motor Racing Network. “And by streamlining our affiliate development process our partnerships team is able to get more done.”


“In the 25+ years in this business, ARC is the first software to ever bring everything I need into one place” said Mary DelGrande SVP, Sales at vCreative. “The ability to quickly evaluate the value of potential business, as well as make adjustments, via the opportunities feature has been a huge time saver for me.”


In the last several months ARC’s Development Team has added new, on-demand Nielsen reports on each station page, full integrated email capabilities, a complete end-to-end digital contract solution including tracking changes and digital signatures. They’ve also added new mapping features allowing an Affiliate Rep the ability to overlap current or projected affiliates with other products or business locations.


Luca Marian, Lead Software Developer at ARC commented “We have been hard at work in the ARC Lab for almost three years and now to see such amazing companies like MRN and vCreative join the platform is beyond humbling. I’m proud of the ARC team and thrilled to welcome Jinny Laderer, Chris Schwartz and both their teams to the family!”


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