Boca Raton, FL – January 19, 2021– ARC Software, the affiliate relations platform developed by radio’s Jason Bailey announced today that it has welcomed several new producers and syndicated products to the family.

New to the platform so far in 2021 are Research Director, Rejoice Networks, Airkast and Blue Tag Media.

Research Director, Inc. Partner Charlie Sislen commented “I have been using ARC for about a year and found it both valuable and extremely versatile.  Unlike other services, I can quickly determine the value of a radio station’s inventory so that I can maximize every opportunity.  It is easy to use and quite effective.”

Mike Chandler, President and CEO of Rejoice! added “The ARC platform has been an invaluable CRM tool for our content syndication network. The interface is easy to navigate and it provides us with the metrics and contact info we need to communicate with our current and future clients. It’s simply a strong platform”

Blue Tag Media CEO, Mike Love, said  “The success of my company is based on information about radio stations and how they perform, who’s in-charge, and how I can build my business around their needs and data available. My first choice is and always will be ARC! I can look up, reach out and complete my contracts with success. I have used ARC through Sun for the last 3 years but when they left the platform I immediately panicked. I am happy to say today I have it on my own and Blue Tag Media will be all smiles moving forward!”

Jason Bailey, Founder and CEO of ARC added “This has been such an incredible whirlwind. I’m honored and thrilled to have so many great companies continue to join the ARC family. There’s simply nothing like ARC on the market and to have Charlie Sislen, Michael at Airkast, Mike Love and the great folks at Rejoice bring their companies on board just validates all the hard work our crew has been putting in to make affiliate research more efficient!”

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About Reatro Ventures, LLC:

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