Revolutionizing Affiliate Research

Boca Raton, FL – February 12, 2019 – Sun Broadcast Group President and Founder, Jason Bailey, announced today that his digital company, Reatro Ventures, has officially hit the market with a new affiliate relations product available to the radio industry. ARC (Affiliate Research Client) has been Bailey’s pet project inside SBG since 2017. Following the purchase of Sun by GMP late last year, Bailey moved the project to his personal company (named after his daughter Reagan and son Troy) in order to offer it to producers, reps, and networks outside of SBG.

Built originally for Sun’s affiliate team, ARC is an “all-in-one”, cloud-based solution offering information on every radio station in the country with the simple click of a button. Bailey explained, “What used to take our team hours and five different pieces of software to find, research and affiliate a radio station, now takes just minutes on one piece of amazing software. ARC is station information, coverage map, and tower overlays, station personnel, syndicated lineups, revenue and barter calculators, performance data and a full-blown, radio-focused CRM all in one. It’s 25 years overdue but its finally here!”

Producers and Affiliate Reps in ARC all participate in the industry’s first crowd-sourced station research client using ARCrowdTM. Information like station contacts, format changes, syndicated shows and more can be changed on the fly giving all ARC users access to real-time, live updates, making their affiliation job easier. ARC can also calculate the cash or barter value of a radio station using first of its kind technology approved for all companies regardless of ratings data access. ARC can display station ratings data to those who are licensed and offers easy reporting on the fly without ever leaving the platform.

For national radio networks, ARC allows their outside shows and vendors easy access to add affiliates direct into their traffic and accountability systems. ARC even tracks commission and affiliation goals with both the network managers and the individual reps receiving automated reports to track their progress.

Bailey added, “I’m so excited to introduce ARC to the market. When I saw how helpful it was at SBG and how many hours it saved our reps every day I just knew it needed to be in everyone’s hands. It’s the first major leap in affiliate relations in a long time and I’m beyond proud of the Reatro Team for their hard work to prepare it for its debut!”

Reatro will be at Country Radio Seminar (CRS) this week in Nashville to take the wrapping off ARC and introduce it to any interested Networks or Affiliate Relations Reps. Reach Bailey at to set up a demo or visit to request a demo and get more information.

About Reatro Ventures, LLC:

Founded in 2011, Reatro Ventures has focused on underserved media, real estate, and technological markets. Reatro’s strategy and philosophy are simple — look to acquire, build or invest in companies that could be owned forever and that exhibit a clear “reason to exist”. Reatro’s roster includes several media and technology companies including Sun Broadcast Group, Media10, Inc., FamClub, LLC and the Greau Creative Agency. Named after founder, Jason Bailey’s children, Reagan and Troy, Reatro Ventures is committed to the people they serve as well as the products they produce. The Reatro Motto: Hold The Vision, Trust The Process.